The McDonnell Hillslope Hydrology Lab focuses on measuring, modeling, and understanding hillslope runoff and water cycling. Our three main research questions are: Where does water go when it rains? What flowpath does it take to the stream? and, How old is the water in the stream? Our work is field-based. And over the lab's first ~20 years, Jeff's group has focused on understanding hillslope storage and release and topics included hydrograph separation, streamwater transit time analysis and deciphering runoff mechanisms across diverse hillslopes and catchments. This culminated in recognition that all runoff processes are the same. But this body of work largely ignored what happened between events. Therefore, for the past ~10 years, the group has begun to broaden its aims by going after additional questions of what happens to water on hillslopes between events: Where do trees get their water? and How does this impact lateral subsurface stormflow and groundwater recharge? Over the coming decade, the group’s main goal is to synthesize this information to devise a typology or classification system for hillslopes and headwater catchments. Read our lab vision Here.