School of Environment and Sustainability

The School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) seeks to bridge multiple disciplines across the natural, physical, social sciences, as well as the humanities and engineering to address the most challenging environmental and sustainability issues we face. Having been established in 2007 with over 100 alumni, our students benefit from innovative, forward-thinking mentorship of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners as they are guided through exploratory exercises that emphasize critical thinking and alternative ways of knowing. SENS offers four graduate degree options.

Master of Water Security

The Master of Water Security is a joint initiative between GIWS and the School of Environment and Sustainability. The program is the first of its kind in North America.

The MWS is a cross-disciplinary, project-based and professional-style program that is completed in 12 months of full time study. Graduates are prepared to address complex water problems, with training in science, engineering and policy analysis enabling them to investigate water security issues of regional, national and international significance. Graduates are ready to pursue careers as water scientists, managers and policy-makers with the necessary expertise needed to tackle the complex and multidisciplinary water problems facing us now, and in the future.

To learn more about the program and to apply, visit the Graduate Students program website.

Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Water Management focuses on human dimensions of sustainable water management, including policy approaches and public health. It is designed for professionals who recognize that their work must include a foundational knowledge of how humans affect and are affected by water quality and quantity.

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The Graduate Certificate in Water Resources focuses on enhancing foundational knowledge in water resource and hydrological theory, data analysis and modelling. It is designed for professionals who seek to build expertise and professional networks.

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The Graduate Certificate in Water Science provides opportunities to apply knowledge in the water sciences to address extant and emerging water quality issues. This certificate is tailored for practitioners with interest in the water sciences, aiming to deepen their knowledge as it relates to chemical risk, ecosystem management and hydrogeological processes.

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Environment and Sustainability Master (MES) and PhD

The School of Environment and Sustainability also offers programs for a Master of Environment and Sustainability (M.E.S.) and a Ph.D. in Environment and Sustainability.  In these programs, students are challenged to think outside the boundaries of traditional disciplinary programs to address environmental and sustainability challenges with regional, national, and international significance. These programs expose graduate students to a variety of unique environmental learning and research experiences, and help nurture students to become critical thinkers capable of addressing pressing challenges associated with environmental change and sustainability.