CGU is coming to Saskatoon


Next week is CGU (or, strictly speaking, the 1st Joint Scientific Congress of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS), Canadian Geophysical Union (CGU) and the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA), but that’s a bit of a mouthful…). This year it’s coming to Saskatoon! Various lab members and lab visitors are presenting. Scroll down for some info on what we’ll be busy talking about. Check out the conference website for the abstracts and sessions.

Ameli, A. and Craig, J.  Capillary fringe simulation in naturally complex regional valley aquifers. Oral presentation.

Appels, W., Bogaart, P., and Van Der Zee, S. Influence of spatial variations of microtopography and groundwater dynamics on surface runoff and field scale hydrological connectivity in flat areas. Oral presentation.

Appels, W., Noij, G.-J., Massop, H. Spatiotemporal variability of saturation excess surface runoff in flat fields due to interactions between meso- and microtopography. Oral presentation.

Coles, A., Wetzel, C., Martínez-Carreras, N., Ector, L., Frentress, J., Hoffmann, L., McDonnell, J., and Pfister, L.Terrestrial diatoms as tracers of hydrological connectivity: implications of their resilience to rainfall disturbance. Poster presentation.

Frentress, J., Martínez-Carreras, N., Pfister, L., and McDonnell, J. Assessing the ability of surface infrared imagery to indicate subsurface processes, an investigation of mixing and connectivity in a small, forested catchment (Luxembourg). Poster presentation.

Gabrielli, C. The role of bedrock groundwater in rainfall-runoff response at hillslope and catchment scales. Oral presentation.

Geris, J., Soulsby, C., Tetzlaff, D., and McDonnell, J. Using isotopes to examine the mechanisms of water storage, transmission and release in a northern headwater catchment. Oral presentation.

Janzen, D., Appels, W., and McDonnell, J. A comparison of stochastic and deterministic approaches to subsurface stormflow characterization. Poster presentation.

Janzen, D. and McDonnell, J. Modelling subsurface stormflow and runoff generation with directed percolation theory. Oral presentation.

Klaus, J., McDonnell, J., Du, E., and Jackson, R. Quantifying stream water source components by meteoric water lines of water cycle components. Poster presentation.

Klaus, J., Stoecker, F., Pangle, L., and McDonnell, J. High-frequency observations of δ2H and δ18O in storm rainfall. Poster presentation.

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