Global Institute for Water Security

Degree Pursuing

Ph.D. - Geography

Academic Background

  • B.Sc., Geography, National Institute for Space Research (Brazil)
  • M.Sc., Remote Sensing, National Institute for Space Research (Brazil)
  • Science Without Borders exchange program at Vancouver Island University, BC,  2012 - 2013
  • Member of Canadian Water Resources Association

Thesis Description

Andre's graduate research focuses on snow remote sensing data assimilation into land surface schemes to enhance snow water equivalent estimation and streamflow prediction in cold mountainous regions.

Research Keywords and Interests

  • Hydrology
  • Snow 
  • Remote Sensing 
  • Data Assimilation
  • Hydrological Modelling 


Journal Publications

Bertoncini ALS, Renno S. 2017. The role of spatiotemporal variability of rainfall on direct runoff using GPM/IMERG estimates in humid subtropical watersheds in Brazil. Manuscript in preparation

Bertoncini ALS, Oliveira FH, Chagge PLB, Valdati, J. 2016. Coupling Numerical Weather Prediction and Hydrological Modelling for Runoff Forecast in Southrn Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Physical Geography, 9(6): 1990-2002

Araujo AL, Oliveira FH, Bertoncini ALS, Senna PS. 2015. Certificate of Additional Construction Potential from LiDAR data and CityEngine parameterization. Brazilian Journal of Cartography, 67:1587-1605. 

Conference Proceedings

Dos Reis JBC, Bertoncini ALS, Renno CD. 2017 Foodplain mapping of the Rio Sapucai for the Urban Center of Itajuba Municipality (MG). 28th Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Santos, Sao Paulo - Brazil, May 2017

Miguel BH, Renno CD, Bertoncini ALS. 2017 Comparative Analysis Between Precipitation Estimates of GPM and Rain Guages in the Vale do Itajai - Santa Catarina/Brazil. 28th Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Santos, Sao Paulo - Brazil, May 2017

Bertoncini ALS, Temporim FA, Silva GG. 2017 Geometric Accuracy Assessment of Remotely Sensed Images. 28th Symposium on Remote Sensing, Santos, Sao Paulo - Brazil, May 2017

Dos Reis JBC, Renno CD, Lopes ESS, Bertoncini ALS. Surface Runoff Estimation in the Rio Sapucai Watershe Trough Dynamic Distributed Hydrological Modeling. 1th Brazilian Congress on Disaster Risk Redution, Curitiba, Parana - Brazil, Oct 2016

Bertoncini ALS, Oliveira FH. Mapping Areas Vulnerable to Landslides: a comparison of techniques for regions of high rainfall rate of Santa Catarina state. 26th Brazilian Congress of Cartography, Gramado - RS, Aug 2014

Bertoncini ALS, Shaw P, Naegele T. Nanaimo River Watershed Park Model (map exhibition). Esri User Conference, San Diego - USA, June 2013

Bertoncini ALS, Shaw P, Naegele T. Soil Saturation Mapping: a planning otol for the Nanaimo River watershed. 55th Annual Meeting of the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers, University of Lethbridge, Alberta - Canada, Mar 2013

Bertoncini ALS, Oliveira FH, Dal Santo MA. Identification of Areas Prone to Tidal Floods in the Rio Cachoeira Watershed, Joinville - SC. 14th Latin American Congress of Sea Sciences, Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina - Brazil, Nov 2011