Global Institute for Water Security

Academic Background

Raea's undergraduate studies were in Agricultural Biology where she was interested in the environmental impacts of agricultural activities. She purused a Masters program through the School of Environment and Sustainability under Dr. Helen Baulch of the GIWS - looking at nitrogen removal in the Tobacco Creek Watershed. Raea worked for Helen as well as Vijay Tumber and Marlene Waiserfrom Environment Canada for the spring and summer proceeding my her graduate studies. Currently work she works as an outreach coordinator for Dr. Ryan Brook in the Department of Agriculture and Bioresources where her focus is mainly on wildlife and agriculture interactions.

Research Interests and Expertise

Raea's interests lie in environmental impacts of agricultural activity, whether that be related to water quality or wildlife. Recently she also is building skills in community outreach and engagement, inspired by the watershed stewardship organizations she was introduced to in my time at GIWS.

Research Keywords

  • Agriculture
  • Wildlife
  • Community engagement
  • Stewardship
  • Conservation
  • Outreach


Gooding, R.M., and Brook, R.K. (2014). Modeling and mitigating winter hay bale damage by elk in a to prevalence bovine tuberculosis endemic zone. Preventive Veterinary Medicine