Global Institute for Water Security

Degree Pursuing:

Master of Science

Thesis Description:

Shawn holds a B.Sc. with high honours from the College of Arts and Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He majored in Toxicology and following the degree, was employed as a lab technician with the Toxicology Centre. Shawn is currently pursuing his master of science in toxicology and is identifying and classifying chemicals found in Swift Current Creek water and in City of Saskatoon storm water run-off. Certain research methods will be used to classify whether the compounds are of environmental concern. 

Shawn's research intersts include identifying sensitivity of North American native fish species to endocrine disrupting chemicals, as exposure these compounds can have significant impacts on wild fish populations. He is also interest in characterizing contamination of prairie water bodies using bioassay directed analysis, as fish and other aquatic life may be exposed to these contaminants in Saskatchewan streams, rivers and lakes. 

Research keywords

  • Biochemical and molecular toxicology

  • Endocrine disruption