Ya Huang Student

Global Institute for Water Security

Degree Pursuing


Academic Background

  • B.S: Sichuan Agricultural University, China
  • Ph.D. candidate: Guangxi University, China 2009-2013,

Thesis Description

Ya Huang graduate research will apply the regional climate model driven by the observational data to couple with human activities such as artificial water intake and underlying surface changes due to economic growth and development. Possible impacts and causes of local climate caused by the Three Gorges Reservoir area will be analyzed from the perspective of atmospheric water cycle and land water cycle process. The future water vapor flux and the change of water resources will be predicted based on several climate projection scenarios.

Research Keywords and Interests

  • Regional climate modelling
  • Extreme precipitation
  • Hydrologic and Water Resource Modeling and Simulation
  • Land-cover disturbances feedback to regional climate