Global Institute for Water Security

Background Interests

  • Research on saline soil and water security in Yellow River Delta, China
  • Hydrological processes of the reclaimed and forested soil under saline water drip irrigation in the Taklimakan desert and its simulation • Hydrological processes under different grazing intensities in seasonally frozen soil of Inner Mongolia grassland and its model development
  • Crop habitat process simulation and dynamic optimized decision-making technique
  • Impacts of residue and plastic film mulching on coupled soil water and heat fluxes
  • Influence of various grazing intensities on soil stability and water balance on the plot scale • Synergy or competition for nitrogen and water use in alley cropping systems estimated by nuclear technique

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Frozen soil hydrological processes, parameterization, and modelling
  • Coupled soil water and heat movement • Grassland ecology
  • Climate change and land use change evaluation
  • Spatial statistics, geostatistical analysis • Soil pedology and pedometrics
  • Spatial model building and soil-landscape scaling analysis
  • Transport of water, nutrients, chemicals, and pollutants through soil