2021 Distinguished Lecture Series - Gia Destouni

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2021 Distinguished Lecture Series


Georgia (Gia) Destouni
Professor of Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Water Resources,
Stockholm University, Sweden

Large-scale hydrological co-variation patterns: essential for water security, emerging from data, but not captured by modeling and reanalysis

Large-scale co-variations of evapotranspiration and runoff fluxes along with soil moisture changes are essential for land-vegetation-climate interactions and hydro-climatic hazards. Robustly and consistently across different world parts and climates, recent study of observation-based datasets shows the strongest large-scale hydrological relationship to be that between soil moisture and runoff, while the relationships between precipitation and runoff, and between soil moisture and evapotranspiration emerge as clearly weaker. The predominantly strongest, linear soil moisture-runoff relationship is also found to be the most misrepresented by Earth System Models and reanalysis products, followed by that between precipitation and runoff, which is largely overestimated.

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Dr. Destouni's research interests include hydro-climate, water resource availability and quality, and their shifts due to changes in human activity, climate, and other environmental aspects. Geographically, her research focus is both global and regional on various parts of the world, including for example the Baltic, Arctic, Central and East Asian, Balkan and Mediterranean regions.

Distinguished Lecture Series 2021

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