2021 Distinguished Lecture Series - Renee Brooks

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2021 Distinguished Lecture Series


Renee Brooks
Plant Physiologist,
United States Environmental Protection Agency, USA

Assessing climate impacts on river water sources using basin specific isoscapes

Climate fluctuation affects the timing, magnitude and spatial distribution of precipitation and streamflow across the continent. We used the stable isotopic composition of water to understand which regions of a river basin are contributing water to rivers, and how those water sources are changing over time. We found the underlying basin geology plays a strong role in determining river flow vulnerability to a changing climate. Reconciling the demands between human use and biological instream requirements during summer will be challenging under changing climatic conditions, but understanding basin-specific drivers influencing flow will help manage water supplies.

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Dr. Brooks's research interests are the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, genetics and physiology, forest, wildlife and landscape ecology, stable isotopes in ecological research, physiological plant ecology and ecohydrology.

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