USask Faculty Water Retreat

This USask faculty retreat for water research aims to gather insights and expand collaborations across campus regarding strategic direction, long-term sustainability, and enhancing GIWS membership. With strategic facilitator, Ariadne Valadares.

This retreat is intended for USask faculty working in water research areas or looking to extend their research into water-related areas. Students, staff, and technicians can participate in similar discussions at our Water at USask event.

Please note that this will be an in-person event only.

Recognizing teaching loads, there will be a number of different sessions on each day so faculty can try and make at least some of the session. Discussion topics and documents will be distributed two weeks prior to the event. We realize that you may not be able to make all of the sessions over both days, but we do hope that you can attend some.

Deadline to register is November 21.

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Tuesday, November 28 
Wednesday, November 29
Agenda below

Convocation Hall, University of Saskatchewan
120 Peter MacKinnon Building, 107 Administration Place, Saskatoon, SK


We will be looking for your input on the following topics:

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Governance
  • Strategic strengths and directions
  • Sustainability
  • Membership
  • Communications
  • Partnerships and Internationalization

Basic Agenda

Day 1: November 28

8:00 am Breakfast, doors open
8:30 am Welcome & Introductions
8:45 am SWOT & Strategic Strengths
10:00 am Morning Break
10:15 am Vision & Mission
11:30 am Lunch
12:30 pm Values & Guided Principles
Code of Conduct
2:00 pm Afternoon Break
2:15 pm Membership
3:15 pm Day 1 Wrap-Up
3:30 pm Bonus time: any additional thoughts, feedback

Day 2: November 29

8:00 am Breakfast, doors open
8:30 am Welcome, Day 2 Intro
Day 1 Recap
9:00 am Communications
10:00 am Morning Break
10:15 am Partnerships & Internationalization
11:30 am Lunch
12:30 pm Governance & Management
Revisit SWOT, Vision, Mission, Values
2:00 pm Afternoon Break
2:15 pm Sustainability
3:15 pm Day 2 Wrap-up, next steps
3:30 pm Bonus time: any additional thoughts, feedback

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With Strategic Facilitator, Ariadne Valadares

Ariadne (Ari) Valadares is a strategic facilitator and portfolio executive who helps organizations meet their strategic and R&D needs. As a strategic facilitator, Ari helps to plan, guide, and manage group events to meet its goals. With an objective and focused approach, promoting open communication and fostering collaboration, groups work together, make decisions, and solve problems. As a portfolio executive, Ari works with researchers, industry and their partners, to advance their products and services delivering value. In her 15-year career, she has earned employee awards and hold multiple certificates and diploma in change management, risk management, and project management.

Ari earned a bachelor’s degree in biology-anthropology, as well as a degree in human nutritional sciences from the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking. Connect with Ari through email at


Event Details

Convocation Hall (PMB 120)