Women Plus Water 2024 Lecture Series - Protect Our Species

Women Plus Water Lecture Series

Protect our Species

To celebrate Earth Day (April 22), Dr. Cherie Westbrook, Janet Sumner, and Ines Sanchez Rodriquez will discuss why it is important to view ecosystems as a whole and how that relates to water.

Thursday, April 11, 2024
12:30-1:30 pm CST
Online (Zoom)


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Women Plus Water


  • Ines Sanchez Rodriquez
    Ph.D. Student, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan


  • Dr. Cherie Westbrook
    Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Saskatchewan
  • Janet Sumner
    Executive Director, Wildlands League

More Info

Ines Sanchez Rodriquez
Ines is a PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, driven to understand the relationship between humans and the hydrological cycle. Her research philosophy is guided by open collaboration. Participatory hydrological modelling has significantly engaged with watershed partners, bridging the gap between science and the public. However, open collaboration requires models that deliberately integrate the basin's knowledge diversity and people agencies. Failure to meet these conditions will marginalize communities during water resource decisions, excluding their valuable knowledge. Open collaboration is also crucial for achieving sustainability, which Ines strives to embody as a woman, researcher, and computer modeller.

Ines has collaborated with meteorological and conservation agencies, contributing to global projects like earth2observe. She is skilled in assessing water ecosystem services and creating natural resource-based climate adaptation solutions. Her experience in the field has inspired her to apply computational hydrological models for ecosystem conservation strategies.

In addition to her studies and research, Ines serves as the chair of the Global Institute for Water Security Students and Young Researchers group (GIWS-SYR). She is an activist for causes like the Climate Reality Project in Saskatoon and Voices for Science of the American Geoscience Union. In her free time, she enjoys biking and exploring new paths. Art movies that challenge conventions inspire her, while mindfulness practices and hero's journey literature fuel her personal growth.

Dr. Cherie Westbrook
Dr. Cherie Westbrook is a professor of ecohydrology in the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Saskatchewan and is an affiliated member of the Centre for Hydrology and Global Institute for Water Security. She earned a PhD in ecology and hydrology from Colorado State University after completing an undergraduate in environmental science at University of Toronto, a master’s in environmental biology and ecology at University of Alberta, and hydrology work with government and industry in Alberta. Dr. Westbrook uses a combination of field work, modelling and remote sensing to understand how beaver ecosystem engineering can create “slow flow” environments critical for building climate resilience, reversing environmental degradation, and bolstering biodiversity.  

Janet Sumner
Janet Sumner is the Executive Director of CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) Wildlands League. Jan has held this position for 20 years and is an expert negotiator, strategist and communicator with extensive policy reform experience. She has led the CPAWS Wildlands League in the achievement of substantial legislative reforms, notably the Provincial Protected Areas and Conservation Reserves Act (2007), Mining Act (2009), Far North Act (2010), Endangered Species Act (2007). Before CPAWS Wildlands League Janet was the Communications Director for the Pembina Institute.

Event Details

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM CST