Water Day on the Hill

March 10, 2020

Canada’s Water Security

For many Canadians, “water” evokes and iconic symbol of an abundant and renewable national resource. However, information from the science community is signaling that freshwater patterns in Canada do not match this image and that complex decisions around water security are on the horizon for Canada.

Join the Conversation

In partnership with Canada’s Chief Science Advisor, the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan is bringing scientists and researchers from across Canada to Ottawa to meet with parliamentarians and senior federal officials to raise awareness about issues around water security for Canada, and share information on how scientific knowledge can inform decision-making.

You will have an opportunity to discuss:

  • New and emerging technologies to monitor Canada’s water. More info
  • Innovative solutions scientists are developing to address water contamination in Canada. More info
  • The science and technology that can move Canada toward equitable water accessibility and management for Indigenous and remote communities. More info

For more information, or if you are interested in meeting with a water scientist on March 10th, please contact sara.daniels@usask.ca or 306-966-6560.

Learn more about the Global Institute for Water Security.