Magali and Jeff at the AGU Awards

Horton Research Grant

PhD candidate, Magali Furlan Nehemy, was awarded the Horton Research Grant in 2019

Congratulations are due to Magali Furlan Nehemy, recipient of a Horton Research Grant at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, USA.

AGU's Hydrology Section awards Horton Research Grants with the purpose to promote excellence through encouragement of the next generation of professionals in the hydrological sciences.

Magali's overarching research question is how do trees and streams drain water from the subsurface? Looking at how the antecedent soil water condition, plant water status, and precipitation amount interact to determine the uptake depth distribution of available water sources? What the influence of plant phenological process on observed source water? And is ecohydrological separation a by-product of hitherto, unknown fractionation processes in the soil and plant? 

Congratulations Magali!

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