The Impact and Forecasting of Extreme Weather Events

GIWS is helping to understand extreme events and develop strategies to mitigate the impacts. Yanping Li and her research team work with atmospheric scientists in locations like the National Centre for Atmospheric Research centre in Boulder, Colorado to understand how climate change is impacting weather systems.

Modelling Riverine Processes

Dr. Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt from the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan explains how the geomorphology of a river and hydro dams influence ice formation, water quality, fish habitat and other processes.

Modelling Water Sediment and Nutrient Systems


Integrated Modelling and Management of Watershed Systems

Saman Razavi and his research team at GIWS provide an overview of natural and human-driven hydrologic processes occurring at different scales within a watershed system. They outline their research activities for integrated modelling of watershed systems to provide more credible predictions of the future of water resources and to deliver new capabilities for water resources planning and management under climate and environmental changes. More information is available at

Toxicology - Water Quality Modelling

GIWS researchers at the Toxicology Centre discuss the centre's water quality modelling research that improves our understanding of the profile of sediments in our water systems and their potential toxicity.