Research Programs

Learn about our research programs and how GIWS has become a leader in water research here in Canada and around the globe.

Global Institute for Water Security

Water security is one of the biggest challenges facing society this century. Learn how our institute is developing the tools and research necessary to help protect this most precious natural resource.

Mine Overlay Site Testing Facility

One of the largest costs of mine closure is the cover system. The University of Saskatchewan's Mine Overlay Site Testing facility helps industry solve real world environmental problems while providing significant monetary and time savings. Learn more at

Socio-hydrology - Human Dimensions of Water Science

Socio-hydrology integrates people and their activities into water science to lead to better decision-making. This GIWS research theme integrates human dimentions of water science into our larger research program in the Saskatchewan River Basin.

Toxicology - Urban Municipal Drainage

GIWS researchers at the U of S Toxicology Centre discuss the centre's work into understanding how drinking and waste water treatment processes affect aquatic species and the quality of water flowing through our communities.

Prairie Hydrology

The U of S has a long history of excellence and innovation in understanding the hydrology of cold climates. In this GIWS video, John Pomeroy and fellow researchers discuss the hydrological research undertaken at the U of S and its application to understanding prairie processes such as snow melt, flooding and drought.