Canadian Rockies Hydrological Observatory - Saskatchewan River Basin

The glaciers are some of the best indicators of climate change. At this U of S research site, scientists are improving models of glacier interactions with the atmosphere to understand how a warming climate will affect the rivers flowing through towns and cities.

Boreal Forest Research Site - Saskatchewan River Basin

This research site in Northern Saskatchewan exemplifies the role of the Boreal Forest in the global water balance. About 70% of the world's liquid fresh water is stored in the Boreal Forest making it a globally important biome. Our researchers are studying the water cycle to understand how the Boreal Forest may change in the future with a warming climate. The sites have been operated nearly continuously since 1994 by Environment Canada, and now by the Global Institute for Water Security.

Swift Current Research Site - Saskatchewan River Basin

GIWS researchers are studying what the drivers are for water runoff at different times of the year in this prairie landscape in southern Saskatchewan. This research site is operated by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

St. Denis National Wildlife Area - Saskatchewan River Basin

This research site is located 40 km east of Saskatoon in the Saskatchewan River Basin. The landscape is characterized by numerous closed-basin wetlands, known as prairie potholes, and a rich diversity of plant and animal species. Our researchers are working to understand the effects of land management and climate change on the hydrology of the prairie landscape.

Saskatchewan River Delta

This research site explores the biological response to flooding in the Saskatchewan River Delta and the dam's effects on local wildlife and communities downstream. In 2012 the U of S began working with the local power utility and First Nations communities to understand how flooding affects the local habitat and to also improve communication between the utility and the communities living downstream.

Buffalo Pound Lake Research Site - Saskatchewan River Basin

Buffalo Pound Lake is located downstream of Lake Diefenbaker in the Qu'appelle river system. Our researchers are studying algal blooms in the lake and using sensor technology that transmits data in real-time to help understand how the lake responds to a warming climate and other environmental changes.

Lake Diefenbaker Research Site - Saskatchewan River Basin

Lake Diefenbaker is Saskatchewan's 'Prairie Jewel' and is an important source of drinking water for the province. Our researchers are studying the nutrients entering the lake and understanding how the ecosystem responds to stressors such as climate change and competing demands for water use.

Brightwater Creek Watershed Site- Saskatchewan River Basin

The Brightwater Creek Watershed Site is located near Kenaston, Saskatchewan. This site provides a focus for hydrological and land-surface modelling and the study of land-atmosphere feedbacks from different agricultural land use and land management practices.