GIWS Students & Young Researchers

The GIWS–Students and Young Researchers is a student-led organization with the overarching objective of cultivating an inclusive and unified water community of young professionals who collectively strive for growth and shared learning experiences.

By uniting the leadership and passions of our team, we are dedicated to creating opportunities and championing five key pillars of our organization: knowledge mobilization, equity, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, advocacy for student well-being, and showcasing the remarkable water research of our peers!

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Recent Events

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Webinar

A discussionm on EDI within academia and beyond, featuring a presentation from Dr. Anson Mackay, Emeritus Professor from University College London. They have been a dedicated LGBTQI+ advocate for decades, recognized for their impactful work promoting diversity and inclusion within the scientific community.

Meet the Team!

Ines Sanchez-Rodriguez Ines Sanchez-Rodriguez (she/her/ella)
PhD Student
Role: Chair/President and Knowledge Mobilization Co-leader

Ines is a PhD student with the GIWS, her passion lies in using computational models to study the complex interactions between climate, water and society to develop strategies to ensure the resilience of these systems. Ines seeks sustainable solutions through open collaboration - a philosophy she lives by.


Eunice Salubi Eunice Salubi (she/her)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Role: Vice President and Public Relations Coordinator

Eunice is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Geography and Planning, her research interests include analyzing impacts of climate change on water quality and water-related diseases, spatial patterns of diseases and understanding social and environmental determinants influencing these patterns.


Hongxiu Wang Hongxiu Wang (she/her)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Role: Treasurer and EDI Co-leader

Hongxiu is a Postdoctoral Fellow at GIWS, she uses stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen to reveal the footprint of water in ecosystems. She recognizes and appreciates the diversity of the water community and does her best to provide what she can to support her peers to be more successful.


Alana Muenchrath Alana Muenchrath (she/her)
PhD Student
Role: Mental Health and Communications Lead, EDI Co-leader

Alana is a PhD student in SENS and GIWS, her research focuses on permafrost thaw in the Northwest Territories and the hydrological implications. She is passionate about advocating for the student mental health and building a vibrant and inclusive environment for the water community in the GIWS.


Maryam Vatanparast Maryam Vatanparast (she/her)
MES Student
Role: Knowledge Mobilization Co-Leader

Maryam is pursuing her master's degree in Environment and Sustainability, focusing on her professional interests in water quality and hydrological modeling, climate change, and sustainability. She seeks to effectively communicate with others, embrace diverse perspectives, and take meaningful action to create positive change.


Melika Makremati Melika Makremati (she/her)
MES Student
Role: Community Engagement Coordinator

Melika is a motivated and enthusiastic student in SENS, she is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and skills in hydrological modelling. She is passionate about committing to academic excellence and aspires to leverage her education and experiences to make a positive impact.