Global Institute for Water Security

Research Keywords: Surface water quality modelling, River ice processes, Climate change and river morphology, Flood and flood risk management

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Select Publications

Water Quality

  • Hosseini, N., Chun, K.P. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2016) Quantifying spatial changes in the structure of water quality constituents in a large prairie river within two frameworks of a water quality model. Water 8: 158
  • Sadeghian, A., de Boehr, D., Hudson, J., Wheater, H. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2015) Lake Diefenbaker temperature model. Journal of Great Lakes Research 41 (Supplement 2): 8-21.
  • Akomeah, E., Chun, K.P. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2015) Dynamic water quality modelling and uncertainty analysis of phytoplankton and nutrient cycles for the upper South Saskatchewan River. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22(22): 18239-18251.
  • Morales-Marín, L., Wheater, H. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2015) Assessing the transport of total phosphorus from a prairie river basin using SPARROW. Hydrological Processes 29: 4144-4160.

River Ice

  • Chu, T. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2016) Integration of space-borne and air-borne data in monitoring river ice processes in the Slave River, Canada. Remote Sensing and Environment 181: 65–81.
  • Lindenschmidt, K.-E., Das, A., Rokaya, P. and Chu, T. (2016) Ice jam flood risk assessment and mapping. Hydrological Processes 30: 3754–3769.
  • Chu, T., Das, A. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2015) Monitoring the variation in ice-cover characteristics of the Slave River, Canada using RADARSAT-2 data. Remote Sensing 7, 13664-13691.
  • Das, A., Sagin, J., van der Sanden, J., Evans, E., McKay, H. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2015) Monitoring the freeze-up and ice cover progression of the Slave River. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 42(9): 609-621.


  • Meissner, A.G.N., Carr, M.K., Phillips, I.D. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2016) Using a Geospatial Model to Relate Fluvial Geomorphology to Macroinvertebrate Habitat in a Prairie River—Part 1: Genus-Level Relationships with Geomorphic Typologies. Water 8(2): 42.
  • Carr, M.K., Watkinson, D.A. and Lindenschmidt, K.-E. (2016) Identifying Links between Geomorphic Response Units (GRU) and Fish Species in the Assiniboine River, Manitoba. Ecohydrology
  • Lindenschmidt, K-E. and Chun, K.P. (2013) Evaluating the impact of fluvial geomorphology on river ice cover formation based on a global sensitivity analysis of a river ice model. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 40(7): 623-632
  • Lindenschmidt, K.-E. and Long, J. (2013) A GIS approach to define the hydro-geomorphological regime for instream flow requirements using geomorphic response units (GRU). River Systems 20(3-4): 261-275.

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