Global Institute for Water Security

Academic Background

  • B.Sc., Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan. 
  • M.Sc., Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan. 
  • Ph.D., Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan. 

Research Interests and Expertise

Broadly Phillip is interested in understanding the influence of land use on hydrology at a process level. Specifically, he finds the influence of agricultural management practices on hydrology on the Canadian Prairies especially compelling. The additional challenges of cold-region hydrological processes (all three phases of water over the course of a year) means much of the existing literature on agriculture-hydrology interactions is inadequate to describe the complexity of hydrological processes on the Canadian Prairies. His expertise is in implementing intensive and novel field-based research programs to develop new process level understandings of land-use hydrology interactions. In addition to insitu micrometeorological, soil, and snow observation experience has significant expertise in deploying and synthesizing data from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Research Keywords

  • Cold-region hydrology
  • Agriculture
  • Snow
  • Land-atmosphere interactions
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles


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