Howard Wheater speaks on water security at international lecture series

Land and water management, attitudes to environmental flows discussed at 2016 Schultz Oration & Flinders Gold Series Public Lectures at Australian university

Unsustainable water use, water security and attitudes to environmental flows were the topics of the day at an international lecture series at an Australian university.

Howard Wheater, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Water Security and director, GIWS, delivered a talk entitled “Water security and the science agenda" at the 2016 Schultz Oration & Flinders Gold Series Public Lectures at Flinders University in Adelaide.

The talk proposed a large-scale catchment-based observatory can be used to achieve the goals of trans-disciplinary science integration, inclusion of humans and their activities as endogenous components of water resource systems and translation of science products into user-focused decision.

A video detailing this talk will be available online soon.

Later this month, Wheater will be on hand at 2016 Cuahsi Biennial Symposium to deliver an address entitled Integrated Observation, Prediction, and Management of Water Resources in a Changing World: Big Data Opportunity or Paradox?

The Cuahsi Biennial Symposium takes place on Tuesday July 26 at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA.