Palash Sanyal Honoured with Alumni Achievement Award

Palash Sanyal from the Global Institute for Water Security has received the "One to Watch" Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Saskatchewan.

Palash Sanyal from the Global Institute for Water Security has received the "One to Watch" Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Saskatchewan. These awards recognize young alumni who are making significant contributions in society at large, setting an example for fellow and future alumni to follow.

"I feel fortunate and honored to receive this award," Sanyal said. "It recognizes my passion for what I have been doing and the hardship I went through after I arrived in Canada five years ago. I had the pleasure of calling Saskatoon and USask my home from the very beginning. It would not have been possible without the motivation I have received from the Saskatoon community, my seniors, mentors, and colleagues, for whom I have the utmost respect and who constantly encourage me to do my best. The award also inspires me to keep contributing towards moving the needle on water security worldwide."

"School was for me not only about learning but also about building relationships. When you create meaningful relationships, magical things happen. You communicate, collaborate and co-create. Value the knowledge and the relationships at any stage of life. Be inquisitive about water and its multidisciplinarity. There is not a single aspect of life or industry that does not utilize or require water. The multidisciplinarity of water offers the professionals involved, a unique opportunity to make a difference in society and in the world of knowledge. Water is also one of the most underrated resources in Canada and around the world. Contribute towards sensitizing your community on the value of water, what happens without water, and even, what it costs to treat it."

A recipient of numerous awards for youth leadership, Sanyal's work in the community and around the world speaks to his commitment to create space to listen and learn together while addressing global water security, one of the world's most pressing challenges.

About the Awards

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) announces the 2022 winners of the Alumni Achievement Awards, one of the university’s highest honours.

This year’s seven recipients embody the university’s aspiration to be what the world needs because of their significant accomplishments and contributions since graduating from USask.

“This group of award-winning alumni are pillars of their communities and standouts in their professions,” said Anthony Bidulka, (BA’83, BEd’91, BComm’91), chair of USask’s Alumni Advisory Board awards committee. “They exemplify how our graduates go on to make a meaningful impact on the world following their education at USask.”

Each of the winners has made outstanding contributions and earned recognition for excellence in their respective fields which includes health care, energy research, business and entrepreneurship, community building, writing and literature, and university-community partnerships related to global water security and research.

Each year, Alumni Achievement Awards are presented to notable USask alumni for their accomplishments and impact on their communities and the world. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and chosen for their achievements and innovation, commitment to excellence, community engagement and leadership, as well as contributions to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of society.

“For more than a century, our alumni have proven they are capable of extraordinary things and these seven individuals will inspire the next generation of USask graduates to see what’s possible,” said USask President Peter Stoicheff. “Congratulations to each of the winners on this well-deserved honour.”

Later this spring, this year’s honourees will gather in person to receive their award and celebrate their achievements.

To learn more about the 2022 Alumni Achievement Awards and other reward recipients see the Alumni and Friends website.

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