GIWS associate director receives prestigious international hydrology award

Scientific excellence, achievements celebrated at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

GIWS associate director Jeff McDonnell has mentored and inspired generations of young scientists, in addition to spearheading initiatives including the Distinguished Lecture Series and the Master of Water Security degree program. 

These accomplishments were noted as McDonnell was on hand at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France on Wednesday, June 15 to receive the 2016 Dooge Medal.

Awarded by IAHS, with UNESCO and WMO, this prize recognizes the outstanding achievements of hydrologists who have demonstrated scientific excellence, and have made fundamental contributions to the science of hydrology as evidenced by publications in the international scientific literature and other evidence of high standard.

McDonnell was also on hand as a panelist at the event, the Kovacs Colloquium, which presents a series of international scientific meetings on topics on the role of hydrology and water resources. 

Jeff McDonnell (pictured centre) receives the 2016 Dooge Award

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