GIWS researcher featured in Arctic Resilience Final Report

Report, which builds on decades of research on social-ecological resilience, launched in Stockholm, Sweden.

Environmental, ecological, and social changes are happening faster than ever in the Arctic, and are accelerating. They are also more extreme, well beyond what has been seen before. This means the integrity of Arctic ecosystems is increasingly challenged, threatening the sustainability of current ways of life in the Arctic and disruption of global climate and ecosystems.

The Arctic Resilience Report, featuring the work of GIWS member Douglas Clark, is the concluding scientific product of the Arctic Resilience Assessment, a project launched by the Swedish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The report builds on decades of research on social-ecological resilience, and in particular on a growing body of knowledge on the Arctic. Clark is author of two of the report's chapters, which can be read in full HERE.

An article featuring the report, along with an interview with the director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and co-chair of the five-year study, can be read HERE.

- Photo credit: Ulf Molau, courtesy of The Arctic Resilience Report

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