Clavet, SK

  • Sites are near and adjacent to the Livestock and Forage Centre for Excellence (LFCE) which is 30km South East of Saskatoon.
  • Centre for Hydrology activities at this site since 2018 include installation and maintenance of an intensive hydrometeorological monitoring program.
  • The meteorological reference station, installed in a sheltered portion of the LFCE, include meteorological sensors for observing all-weather precipitation, temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, and snow depth.
  • This site also serves as a testbed for sensors including the Chione.
  • Land use in the vicinity of the LFCE is a mix of livestock/forage operations and annual cropping of oilseeds, cereals and pulses. 
  • At the perennial forage and an annual crop (barley silage) site monitoring of the surface energy and water balance are continuing. These exchanges between the surface and atmosphere are observed with eddy covariance instrumentation, four component radiometers, ground heat flux plates, soil temperature and moisture probes and temperature, wind speed, and humidity sensors.
  • During growing season frequent sites visits monitor soil moisture profiles with neutron probes and crop growth metrics (LAI and biomass).
  • Realtime Data Telemetry can be found here under SK Agricultural Sites




Station at LFCE, Clavet, SK (photo by Phillip Harder)