Global Institute for Water Security

Affiliate Members

Picture of Soroush Abbasi

Soroush Abbasi
Data Scientist

Environment Canada

Nikolas Aksamit
Nonlinear Dynamics Group, Institute for Mechanical Systems

ETH - University of Zürich

Emily Anderson
Water Resources Specialist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Picture of Muhammad Rehan Anis

Muhammad Rehan Anis
Research Associate, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative (PARC), University of Regina

Picture of Willemijn Appels

Willemijn Appels
Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science

Centre for Applied Arts and Sciences, Lethbridge College

Abdolreza Bahremand
Associate Professor (Visiting Professor)

Watershed Management Department, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Lisa Boyer
Aquatic Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Meghan Carr
Aquatic Scientist, Minnow Environmental

Emily Cavaliere
Environmental Science Instructor, Clackamas Community College

Picture of Allan Cessna

Allan Cessna
Research Scientist

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Picture of Patricia Chambers

Patricia Chambers
Research Scientist and Section Head

Environment Canada

Picture of Kwok P. (Sun) Chun

Kwok P. (Sun) Chun
Assistant Professor

Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University

Picture of Bob Clark

Bob Clark
Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor

Department of Biology, Environment Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service

Picture of Anna Coles

Anna Coles
Environmental Monitoring Specialist, Government of the Northwest Territories

Picture of Irena Creed

Irena Creed
Associate VP Research, Professor

Picture of Nhu Cuong Do

Nhu Cuong Do
Researcher, University of Adelaide

Picture of Ranjan Datta

Ranjan Datta
Canada Research Chair-II, Indigenous Studies

Department of Humanities, Mount Royal University

Bruce Davison
Research Scientist, ECCC

Environment Canada

Picture of  Nazzareno Diodato

Nazzareno Diodato

HyMex, Hydrological Mediterranean Experiment, Met European Research Observatory

Jane Elliott
Research Scientist

Environment Canada

Marlene Evans
Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor

Environment and Climate Change Canada and Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan

Picture of  Jim Freer

Jim Freer
Visiting Professor

University of Saskatchewan

Picture of Reza Ghanbarpour

Reza Ghanbarpour
Research Fellow

Alberta Environment

Abdalla H. Karoyo
Sr. R&D Specialist, Nortek Air Solutions Canada

Mohammad Daud Hamidi
PhD Researcher, Durham University

Elmira Hassanzadeh
Assistant Professor, Polytechnique Montreal

Picture of Keith Hobson

Keith Hobson
Research Scientist

Environment Canada

Picture of Allan Howard

Allan Howard

National Agroclimate Information Service, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Picture of Dawn Keim

Dawn Keim
Project Manager, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Sebastian Krogh
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Nevada, Reno

Nicolas Leroux
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Quebec at Montreal

Picture of  Zhaoqin Li

Zhaoqin Li
Postdoctoral Fellow, Natural Resources Canada

Picture of Zhi Li

Zhi Li
Professor, Northwest A&F University, College of Natural Resouces and Environment

Picture of Philip  Loring

Philip Loring
Associate Professor, University of Guelph

Mohammad Mahaninia
Professor, Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology

Picture of Taufique Mahmood

Taufique Mahmood
Associate Professor, University of North Dakota

Sujata Manandhar
Postdoctoral Fellow, Yukon College

Picture of Luis Alejandro Morales  Marin

Luis Alejandro Morales Marin MSc, PhD, C Eng
Researcher, Environment Canada, Canadian Meteorological Centre

Picture of Philip Marsh

Philip Marsh

Wilfred Laurier University

Balew A. Mekonnen
Hydrologist and Water Resources Engineer, Golder

Picture of Keith Musselman

Keith Musselman
Research Associate, University of Colorado, Boulder

Picture of Uri Nachshon

Uri Nachshon
Researcher, Institute for Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences ARO, Volcani Research Center

Picture of Ali Nazemi

Ali Nazemi
Assistant Professor

Concordia University, Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Picture of Rebecca  North

Rebecca North
Assistant Professor

University of Missouri

Ehimai Ohiozebau
Environmental Management Framework Implementation Coordinator, Government of Alberta

Picture of Xicai Pan

Xicai Pan
Professor, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Picture of Patricia  Pernica

Patricia Pernica
Physical Scientist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Dhiraj Pradhananga
Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Kabir Rasouli
Researcher, University of British Columbia

Christopher Ryan
Senior Research Scientist

Environment Canada and Tundra Energy Marketing Limited

Picture of Dr. Jay Sagin

Dr. Jay Sagin
Assistant Professor

Department of Engineering, School of Engineering, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Picture of  Lucia Scaff

Lucia Scaff
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Santa Barbara

Christopher Spence
Research Scientist

Environment Canada

Anuja Thapa
Researcher, The Firelight Group

Madison Wawryk
Digital Content Coordinator

Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan

Nicholas Wayand
Research Scientist, Amazon

Picture of Virginia Wittrock

Virginia Wittrock
Research Scientist/Climatologist

Saskatchewan Research Council

Ying Zhao
Research Scientist

College of Resources and Environmental Engineering, Ludong University